Post Christmas!

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I was going to try and write a blog each week but we were rushed off our feet and I never got round to it! So here's a catch up ....

Last Christmas we were extremly busy with pottery orders, we ended up loading kilns at 2 o'clock in the morning by torch light and our last collect was an hour before we were due to set off on our trip to stay with family! We were determined to be more organised this year and although we were more organised, the amount of orders we received still meant loading kilns at 2 o'clock, but this year we had a light installed! This year with the added orders from the engraving we were up until 3am for all of December and 1/2am for most of November! Even with working all hours of the day and most of the night we still had to close our order books early, despite this we have really enjoyed processing everyones order and is very pleased that our little family run business is doing so well! So a huge thank you to our customers!

We are now back after taking a well deserved family break and have already started processing orders!